Mindfulness & Meditation

Allie provides mindfulness practice, education and guidance. Groups are offered on location and can be tailored appropriately to your timelines and experience levels. She also leads guided meditation. Groups and individual sessions available.

Gratitude & Self Love

Allie offers guided groups on how to implement more self care strategies into your daily routine to improve your mental health, well-being, decrease stress and anxiety. In today's world we forget to slow down, show appreciation for ourselves and be thankful. 

**Seasonal: How to Survive the Holidays

Allie promotes acceptance around times where not all are celebrating. holidays can be full of family and cheer, but not always. Find new ways to set boundaries and create strategies to maintain balance, self care and find emotional support.

Assertive Communication & Family Conflict Resolution

Stephanie provides psycho-education and strategies to help identify communication barriers and how to improve assertive communication approaches. This can be helpful for families dealing with conflict or needing guidance through improving their communication.