Nutritional Consultation

Timea Smith

Individual and designed to meet your needs, Timea is a world traveled, experienced Food Expert with the ability to help transform your thoughts about good nutrition. 

Her program is designed on a case by case basis to include:

  • A personal evaluation of adults, parents, and children via on-line questionnaire 
  • A basic education session on healthy eating, digestion, food combinations, weight loss 
  • Setting goals and action plan individualized to set you up for success
  • Personalized recipes 
  • Virtual or in person cooking demonstrations and tutorials for you and your family 
  • In Home Kitchen Transformation (pantry,  refrigerator and freezer organizing)
  • Grow your own food: a basic introduction to planting and growing the basics

Timea has lived in several countries, including Hungary, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, India, and Thailand. Her experiences in these diverse locations have greatly influenced her perspectives on food, nutrition, and holistic health. Through her extensive studies and travels, Timea has gained knowledge about nutrition and learned valuable skills in growing, selecting, and preparing food to optimize its health benefits. With over 20 years of experience, she is dedicated to practicing and teaching conscious eating tailored to the unique needs of both adults and children.

She works with individuals of all ages, including adults, parents, and children. Timea’s primary objective is to help adults rediscover their relationship with food while instilling healthier and more vibrant eating habits in children. She approaches this goal in a supportive and practical manner, aiming to re-educate adults and cultivate children’s preference for nutritious and colorful foods.

Timea finds joy in conducting individual and family cooking sessions, as well as leading group workshops on various nutrition-related subjects.

She possesses a strong passion for promoting the creation of vegetable gardens and finds great pleasure in engaging in outdoor sports and various forms of artistic expression.

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