Couples Connection

Authentic, effective and open communication is essential for human connection. It involves active listening, expressing oneself honestly, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Authentic communication fosters understanding, builds trust, and nurtures deeper connections.

Join Allie Young Rivard in an 8 week workshop for premarital couples to build a strong foundation for connection and companionship. With the assistance of a clinical therapist the couple will discover ways to communicate, manage conflict, foster lasting friendship and more. Using research based tools and assessments, the couples will leave each session with tangible skills to use that will create a greater understanding of themselves and their partner. 


Couples (RE) Connection

This workshop is designed for couples in committed long term relationships. These sessions will strengthen and reaffirm the connection to each other. Using research based techniques and working with a therapist, couples will use tools to improve the intimacy and devotion of the relationship. Couples will exit this workshop with the ability to manage conflict in a productive and healthy way. Discover new ways to foster positive connections and re-establish unity.


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